EXMAD Experimental setup

EXMAD - Extreme sensitive magnetometry using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

The EXMAD project is an international collaboration targeting development of diamond-based high-resolution quantum sensors for wide-field magnetic imaging. 
Research goal

The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond is an artificial atomic system trapped in the diamond crystal lattice. These properties combined with exceptionally long decoherence times makes it a unique system for magnetic field sensing with simultaneous high sensitivity and spatial resolution. EXMAD aims to exploit those properties for development of magnetic field quantum sensing devices for bio-medical applications. The collaboration brings together academic expertise on fabrication and field sensing using ODMR (optically detected magnetic resonance) with industrial partners and partners from the Danish medical sector.

ODMR spectrum of N-15 hyperfine structure

As a first application of the technique, we will record neuron activity by performing magnetic field imaging of brain tissue.


The project is a collaboration between DTU Physics, DTU Electro, University of Copenhagen, Ulm University (Germany), Leipzig University (Germany), Hvidovre Hospital and Philips BioCell.


EXMAD is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark



Alexander Huck
Associate Professor
DTU Physics
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